Business Growth Membership

We teach coaching business owners, founders and entrepreneurs how to build a resilient, burnout-free mindset while growing their business, income, and impact without destroying their relationships, health, and self.

Join us: 

  • Smash through growth ceilings
  • Create business and life alignment
  • Build and grow your business, income, and wealth
  • Beat burnout, stress, and overwhelm.
  • Plus more

What if you could create a business and life that is in alignment, kill burnout all while growing your income and impact?

“I wouldn’t have had the growth in myself and my business without the Business Membership”

“The Business Membership has helped me breakthrough my blocks and grow from 0 to 5 Figure months in my coaching business and achieve my first 5 and 6 figure weeks and multi 6 figure months in my other businesses.
Whats even cooler is I am no longer burning out, can manage my stress, I am closer with my wife, kids and family, have found some close friend. My life and businesses are in alignment . I know I wouldn’t be here without this membership”

- Justin Wiseman

Business Membership

Read That Again, Entreprenuer

You can build a business that is growing in income without burnout, stress and overwhelm ALL while improving your relationships, your personal fulfilment and feeling like your entire life is in alignment. 

With Business Growth Membership I’m giving YOU, my friend,  the keys to business mindset mastery, where business becomes fulfilling, aligned and supportive of your life vision. 


Beat stress, overwhelm and burnout and watch your business explode.


Wake up energised and inspired as your business supports your life rather than your life supporting your business.


Say hello to dollars rolling in, people lining up to work with you and becoming a leader in your business and field.


With Business Growth Membership, you will align your business and your personal vision and break through any mental and emotional growth ceilings every week. 




I get It

You feel stressed out, burnt out and doubt yourself and your coaching business.

You’re not getting the results you want, your business and income has plateaued, and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to breakthrough this glass ceiling.

You often feel like your business and the rest of your life are in conflict with each other…. 

And we know this causes personal problems that add fuel to the fire of business problems.

Then you pile on more wood to the already burning fires, adding pressure on yourself to work harder…. and harder……. to just breakthrough……. Then it will all be alright…

You thought starting or scaling your business would give you more freedom, more income and allow you to make a greater impact in the world.

You feel under pressure, stressed, overwhelmed, and you keep burning out.

You feel guilty and angry for not being further ahead in business… 
You question if building a business was really the right decision for you if it is all worth it.

The answer:

You have done a great job of getting your business to where it is, but you just don’t have the tools to manage all the mental, emotional and strategic challenges that you are meeting along the way. 

And thats not your fault, the industry is full of people selling you how easy it is to do 5 figure months, 7 figure years all while sipping martinis… 

You thought the more knowledge you gained, the faster you would build, but there is apart of you that is resistant to taking the action needed.

Maybe you have some tools, but you don’t use them because
“Results don’t care about your feelings” but inwardly, you know this is bullshit and you’re just ignoring the work.

Maybe you just grind yourself into the ground and hope and wish that “hustle’ will solve it, but never really face the problem behind the problem.

Maybe you think that when you get there, all the stress will go away

Maybe you built a business without building a plan for your own life and now have built yourself a cage.

Truth is…

You need a new way of thinking and acting.
It’s time to work on your business mindset. 


Mindset is one of the most important parts of building and growing a longterm sustainable coaching business, so working on your thinking and
feeling, keeping it clear and focused is insanely important
to build a successful business…

As Warren Buffett Says – If you can not control your emotions, you can not control your money. 


With the Business Growth membership you will create a clear aligned vision between your business and life,
you will develop a clear, calm and
resilient mind;
leaving you confident in yourself to build
and grow your business without
mental clutter, stress and burnout. 

Say Goodbye To…

🙅.. Late nights and burning out due to excessive workloads and looming deadlines 

🙅.. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by all the tasks and responsibilities that never stop 

🙅..unfulfilled and questioning if the business you have built is really for you, as you drag yourself to your computer 

🙅..Being afraid to ask for what your are worth, because deep down you feel unworthy of money and you get rid of it anyways…

🙅.. Sabotaging opportunities because you doubt yourself and feel like an imposter.

🙅… hitting the same growth ceilings over and over and over and dealing with the constant stress and pressure causing a disconnect in your personal relationships.

Instead your going to…

🥳… wake up to a clear mind knowing that you and your business is prioritized and planned months ahead.

🥳… feeling confident knowing you have learnt how to manage yourself, delegate and prioritise.

🥳… feeling enthusiastic and at ease knowing with certainty that your business is aligned and a part of the vision for your life.

🥳asking for what you’re worth and watching your business grow and money build in your bank accounts (Hell Yes).

🥳… being certain about your path and your business and attracting opportunities like a boss.

🥳… smashing growth ceilings every week and watching your business and income grow while being close to your partner, kids, and close relationships. 

Plus Heaps More!

Is this you?

Success Woman

Are You ready to smash through your growth ceilings for more
Success In business


Business Growth membership is the key to smashing your mental and emotional limitations, shattering business growth ceilings and growing your income. 


These are the results you will get



I’ve had massive shifts, in business, I feel more stable, less anxious, less stressed, which helps me fulfil my mission. The beauty of these classes is there is no judgement and there is lots of support to grow your dream business and life. 

- Parya Zaghand

Business Owner,
Business Membership



Having done the program for nearly a year, I have found my way of thinking has transformed. Rather than staying stuck in emotional states, that end up effecting not only my business, but my life, I now have the ability to ask myself quality questions and shift my perceptions and emotions which helps me focus on creating financial freedom.

Kate Moloney

-Kate Moloney

Business Membership



I wanted to integrate eastern and western medicine without fear and judgement from my colleagues. I’m now creating a new identity for myself and feel closer to providing an integrative model to patient care. Thank you Tanya. 

-Dr David Turton

Mindset Membership

Introducing Business Growth Membership

by Maximum Growth Academy

 a yearly membership to the Maximum Growth Academy, where we focus on different areas of business and the mindset required for success and performance in this area, with weekly group Coaching and education calls, a detailed 18 section business growth academy, with over 50 trainings, cheatsheets, thinking strategies, problem solving strategies and mindset activities PLUS so much more. 

Membership Image

3 Step Plan for Success

Here’s your 3 Step Plan to Smash growth ceilings, align your life and business and grow you income and impact.


Clarity Breakthrough Method

Create clarity, certainty, continued drive and unbreakable commitment.

Aligning your past voids, with your current values to create and build your aligned life and business vision


Plug and Play Growth Solutions

Simply decide what your biggest roadblock. Go through MG – Business & Implement the solution.
Shifting your mental resistances to your challenges in business opens you up to building a profitable and inspiring business


Methodic Business Mastery

Show up weekly to the business breakthrough sessions. 

Methodically apply and implement the mindset and the growth strategies to smash glass ceilings and  grow your business.

What’s Inside The Membership

Business Breakthrough Hour

1hr of Weekly Group Facilitation, Teaching, and Coaching to Master your Business Mindset and shift and expand your thinking (value $9997).

  • Group education, facilitation and implementation sessions held by our Resident Mindset and human behaviour genius Tanya Cross where you are guided to smash through your current glass ceilings, set yourself and your business up for ease of operation. 
Rapid Resolutions 

Weekly Access to 1 on 1 coaching during the Business Breakthrough hour (Value $3000)

  • Access to private 1 to 1 facilitation in breakout rooms, where Justin our resident business and mindset genius can help you exponentially and geometrically grow yourself and your business and help create rapid results.

Coach in your Pocket

Build a business, solve a problem and build the business mind to match in minutes (Value $5500+).

  • 9 Detailed In Depth Sections with over 50 recorded trainings with problem solving questions and thinking strategies to help you grow beyond most business challenges in minutes and hours. From being stuck at a revenue ceiling, being unclear on your business vision through to shifting business partner dynamics. This hub is your one stop shop for your business mindset and business growth

Subject Include:


All the above subjects include playsheets, planners, and resources for applying knowledge easily, quickly, and correctly.


But you can get access today for just:

1 Month Membership

$397 Monthly Payment 

3 Month Membership

$997 Quarterly Payment  ($332 monthly)

Business Growth Results

-Julie Tenner

Coach, Business Membership

-Peter Norton

Coach, Coaching + Business Membership


“This Business Membership is a place where you get maximum growth and
guidance to turn the goldmine in your heart into increased income, influence, and

- Remzey Choker

Business Membership

Imagine Leveraging The Power Of Seminars, Coaching And Masterminds On Your Business Dreams… All at once

What could you achieve? What would you no longer have to do?

Some examples:

  • YES to clients who go bonkers to book you
  • YES to a bank balance that makes you smile
  • YES to sharing your message with people with confidence who love you and your wisdom
  • YES to handling stress so well you look 10 years younger
  • YES to booting burn-out forever, no more hustling,
    more inspiration

Heads up: You don’t need to imagine. That leverage exists. You can even get your hands on it and head in right now, if you want.



Who This Is And - More Importantly - Isn’t For

There is absolutely no pressure for you to join this program.

We’re not looking to work with people who feel obligated, manipulated or sold to.

We cannot stress enough how fiercely we protect the quality of this group. And shoving anyone into a membership that they don’t want or need would diminish the quality for all members.

Needless to say, that’s not what we want and we’re assuming that as a member you wouldn’t want that either.

Those who get the most out of this Membership are those who invest in it seriously. Committed, open-minded, humble, ‘willing to apply themselves’ students who are focused on long-term growth.

This may not be for you, but if you want a cross-check of criteria to see if you’re a fit…


  • “Know it all already”
  • Try to place the responsibility for their growth anywhere but squarely on their shoulders and actions
  • Insist that they can achieve overnight success without consistent effort
  • Have already achieved everything they want to with their life, business, relationships, finances, health and legacy
  • Know you have a lot of stuff to work on and need a lot of hand holding (Private Coaching is more your thing)
  • Want the easy road and aren’t prepared to do the hard work to work through your challenges


  • Dream of growing their coaching business (and leading it like the captain of their industry)
  • Hunger to create a living, life and legacy they love
  • Get a glint in their eye when they imagine the taste of their efforts bearing fruit in weeks, months and years to come
  • Appreciate the full implications of the quote, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated week in, week out”
  • Might be achieving true, consistent, month-by-month transformation already and want even more (not a prerequisite, more of a use-case)


We’ve Seen This Work Better Than A “Magic Pill”

Woman smiling
  • You’ve paid, so you’ve got even more reasons to grow than you would under your own steam.
  • You are surrounded by others on a mission and wanting to level up their life and coaching business just like you.
  • You have a safe space to vent (and work stuff out) that isn’t on your spouse. They’ll thank you.
  • You own your efforts. That means the more you do, the more your self-worth and certainty grows. Like interest for your mind – it compounds.
  • Your wins, growth and achievement happen in real life, not a seminar room. So you become the example others model.
Tanya Cross


Tanya Cross

Hi, My Name Is Tanya Cross

(AKA Tanya x)

I’m Sydney based, living in this beautiful city with my daughter.

I’m a counsellor, coach, speaker and at times, a socially awkward human. I love going down the rabbit hole of human behaviour and potential. It’s layers of complexities are fascinating.

Since starting my practice in 2010, I’ve been fortunate to have built worldwide private and group coaching businesses. I’ve been blessed to work with entrepreneur, educators, coaches, consultants, leaders of industries and CEO’s of multi national companies who are inspired to use mindset as their secret wisdom to success. 

I’ve helped business leaders sign millions of dollars of deals, feel more purposeful, deal with divorces (and the messy kind of ones), navigate the complex dynamic in board meetings to helping the single mum grow to a multi 6 figure business without having to work crazy hours. 

That’s why I created Maximum Growth.

Because I realised that I am only one individual. And my time is limited. I wanted to be able to maximise my reach and help more people like you.

How do you Create Change In Leaders Tanya?

You already have everything you need inside you. The only thing standing between you now and the ‘you’, you want to be… is doing. the. work.

(And by ‘the work’, I mean digging into your psyche, facing the unruly spice market of baggage there, and whipping it into shape.)

Now, most people won’t do that because it doesn’t sound or feel sexy. Or fast.

But it works. And the results? Oh yeah. They’re sexy as hell.

I built this membership for leaders and future captains of industry who aren’t afraid to grow themselves to grow their income, influence and impact. 

Origami Image


  • Bust through baggage you’ve carried for decades
  • Apply skills you already have for bigger paydays
  • Reach captain of industry status
  • Grow from no idea to full-time client bookings in 10 months (that was one member’s story. You might be faster)
  • Hone your coaching/consulting craft to ‘mind-reader’ status
  • Smash through revenue and income ceilings
  • Reconnect you with your inspiration when it wavers
  • Attract national speaking, publishing and publicity gigs
  • And tonnes of other ‘bonus’ side effects like deeper partner intimacy, connected communication, peak performance, public respect, stellar reputation, expanded health, greater vitality, unshakeable self-worth…

Btw, Want To Know Something Else Cool (& Game-Changing)
I’ve Discovered?

In my 14 years as a leadership coach, I’ve learned a framework on thinking that helps solve problems at any level.

Through understanding how to ask powerful questions, and how to apply them, you’ll learn how to create more inspiring problems to deal with (instead of those pesky ones you have) launch the new part of your business that you’ve been holding yourself back from doing and step more into the limelight and share your message with the world on a bigger scale and much more. 

So in the live group coaching classes, along with your professional challenges, bring your personal stuff to the Maximum Growth table.

Because you’ll also learn how to have more intimacy in your relationship, grow your net worth, increase your health and wellbeing sleep more restful at night and much more.

You’re a leader who wants to have IT all (whatever IT is for you). So you deserve a solution to all your problems. And that’s where we step in, we’ll help with Maximum Growth and Guidance to get there.

OK Lets Recap To Maximum Growth Membership

It’s the group coaching membership where you get maximum growth and guidance to turn the goldmine in your heart to increase your income, influence and impact.

Membership Image

Business Membership​

(hover over me for
more details)

Smash all the limits on your income and impact potential.

(Yes, all of them.)

Build business and break through income ceilings, attract more clients, attract higher quality clients, beat burnout, scale up, charge more (and have people pay your fees) and love your work.

You’ll get questions and guides to do it all while hitting peak performance, productivity and – perhaps most importantly – living your purpose.

You’ll get templates, checklists, guides and plenty of Q&A time to slot each piece into place as you level up in your business


$ 397 AUD/Month

Business Membership

  • Up to 16 hours of coaching each month (2 every Wednesday)
  • 8+ on-tap mini-courses (and counting)
  • NO drip-fed, forced curriculum (dip in at any chapter, as you need)
  • Playsheets, planners, and resources for applying the tools easily, quickly, and correctly
  • Additional support videos to decode emotional dynamics and human behaviour
  • Additional support classes to maximise your success.
  • 4 hours of extra LIVE coaching with Tanya each month
  • Specific business growth focus (streamlines results by harnessing the group’s genius together)
  • 50+ hyper-specific business and leadership questions to outgrow your current dynamics and spur growth. (Just plug-and-play for your current challenge)
  • Exclusive Business & Financial checklists, spreadsheets, planners, playsheets, and more



Business Membership

  • Up to 16 hours of coaching each month (2 every Wednesday)
  • 8+ on-tap mini-courses (and counting)
  • NO drip-fed, forced curriculum (dip in at any chapter, as you need)
  • Playsheets, planners, and resources for applying the tools easily, quickly, and correctly
  • Additional support videos to decode emotional dynamics and human behaviour
  • Additional support classes to maximise your success
  • 4 hours of extra LIVE coaching with Tanya each month
  • Specific business growth focus (streamlines results by harnessing the group’s genius together)
  • 50+ hyper-specific business and leadership questions to outgrow your current dynamics and spur growth. (Just plug-and-play for your current challenge)
  • Exclusive Business & Financial checklists, spreadsheets, planners, playsheets, and more


Woman with conference

What Else Do I Get?

  • LIVE INTERACTION with Counsellors & Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator, Tanya Cross
  • RECORDED CLASSES to access in the Maximum Growth Academy
  • REAL TIME FEEDBACK and answers to your questions during the weekly & monthly sessions
  • ASK ME ANYTHING CLASS does exactly what it says on the box. 30 minutes of FB live in our private group where you ask your burning questions and Tanya will answer with all her experience and knowledge, business, parenthood, spirituality and much more
  • The opportunity to ‘hotseat’ for a demonstration (get your questions answered by Tanya in front of the group)
  • Tonnes of hyper-specific micro courses for ‘as-you-need-it’ learning. From building wealth, to dissolving grief, clear the fear and more
  • Deep, authentic connection with other members who value growth and learning as much as you do (we’ve been told the community should cost extra because our members are that amazing)
  • Access to a private ‘INNER CIRCLE’ FACEBOOK GROUP for peer support outside of sessions
Extra Bonus

For the geeks in the group who want to come and do more work together, we have the Community Co Working Sessions. This is a dedicated class for you to apply the work together. You’ll beavering away with other members with you.

Community Co Working Session  

Every Friday,
6:00am – 7:00am AEST (that’s Thursday 3pm EST & 8pm BST)

Business Members Community Co Working Session

Every Thursday, 

8:00pm – 9:00pm AEST (that’s 6am Thursday EST & 11am BST) 

What Happens Immediately After You’re In?

Go through your Getting Started Guide in the Maximum Growth Academy when you join. This has everything you need to prepare and show up for class. 

Go through your Demartini Method Guide in the Maximum Growth Academy. This has everything you need to set you up to get the most out of  class. 

Go through the Demartini Method In Detail in the Maximum Growth Academy to understand the  the process we use in group coaching.

Our Unconditional


Cancellation Clause &
Other Fine Print That’s
Actually Readable

Cancellation Files

This isn’t a phone contract with jargonous clauses and endless fineprint.

If you don’t like it you can cancel at any time. No conditions.

If you love it and you want more, you can move up (or down)
at any time.

We’ve even made it easy for you to just take the first step:
14 day money back guarantee.

Yes, the idea is for you to stay long term. Because we know how much we can do for you. And we truly want to see you skyrocket.

We’re not for everyone though. We know that. So while we’ll work our butts off to ensure you sail past your own goalposts, we’ll also honour your choices.

Cancellation Files
Group High Five


In a year’ close’. . .

Every speaker asks that one question: if you just did 1% of [what you just learned] every week, imagine where you’ll be a year from now…

…and then they send you out, blinking into the bright sun.

Like ripping out a sapling while the roots are still forming. No, like tossing a seed into the desert and waiting for rain that may never fall.

Don’t let that happen to you… again.

Maximum Growth has the guidance, growth and get up and go. As long as you show up, we’ll help you grow up the ladder so a year from now you look back and really HAVE levelled up and created the life of your dreams.

To borrow a phrase: the best time to start was yesterday

Frequently Asked Questions

You can move up or down month-to-month without any penalty so it’s really up to you. But as a quick guide:

  • If you’re just starting out, new to personal/business growth, or just want a taste of the membership, then enrol with the Mindset Membership. 
  • If you’re already in business and feel somehow it’s YOU that’s holding back your revenue, impact and growth, take your first month (or few) in the Business Membership. 
  • If you’re a coach, consultant or content creator and want to learn how to deliver such phenomenal sessions that your clients become your best marketing source, join the Coaches Membership. 

Imagine a (significantly) relaxed version of Shark Tank, but for your mind. We ask quality questions that lead you to life- and business-changing answers. Logistically? You’ll join your fellow members and Tanya on Zoom. Camera or not, that’s up to you, though it’s easier to engage and connect with your peers if they can see your face. No need to get all dolled up. We love you in your PJ’s or with bed hair just as much as dressed to the nines.

All sessions start on time and finish within 5 minutes of the time. Content is shared with instructions of what to do. There is a demonstration (and you can put your hand up). Conversation. Q&A. You choose what to work on.

Just jump on a little platform you may have heard of called Zoom. You can add all sessions as a reminder to your personal calendar with the click of a button. (They even automatically display in your timezone. It’s very schmick.) The reminders have the zoom link and passcode.

To make it easy, we have the class schedule here

This isn’t 1-on-1 coaching where scheduling is a constraint. You keep access as long as your membership is active. With the exception of Mastery level, we record all sessions and upload them for you to watch as many times as you like. You can even reach out in the forum or private chat as you’re watching so you can clarify your understanding. We have to say though, there’s a certain X factor to the live sessions. Gotta be there to experience it. (NOTE: we don’t record the Coaches Membership sessions because they’re intimate groups and sensitive in nature. As a Counsellor, I make sure to protect your right to client confidentiality & privacy.)

That’s totally up to you! Video is encouraged (and having done your hair/makeup is 100% optional). If you want to do a demonstration with Tanya, then obviously yes you’ll need to unmute and share. But you can beaver away on your own and ask clarifying questions in the Zoom text chat if you get stuck. (Even privately to Tanya if you’d like to remain anonymous.)

Much as we’d love you to stay with us forever (cause holy smokes… imagine how many astronomical goals you’d achieve) we know it’s not possible for everyone. If you need to pause or cancel, you just have to log onto the Maximum Growth Academy, go to My Account and cancel your membership. Or, if you just need help figuring out how to fit it in with all that family, work, life etc we’re here for you then too. Either way we’ll help you make it work.

Oh I see your curiosity (and I love it.) Short answer: I’ve been many, many things successfully over the years: sex therapist, executive coach, grief counsellor, gym manager, personal trainer, artist… and every job involved coaching people at all levels through their uniquely thorny issues. (You’d be surprised how many top achievers’ relationships affect their business performance.) 

Plus, I’m a human who faces challenges too. I apply what I teach every single day (gotta walk the talk in this biz). I’ve dissolved or helped dissolve just about every real and imaginable issue in all 7 areas of life. Most of the time with unexpected side benefits. So, you bring your baggage, I’ll help you transform it into increased inspiration, income or impact. (Or all 3.)

Yes, absolutely. And you’ll love it, too. The first thing you’ll do after you join is book a call with Ed who will walk you through everything. Plus, as a member you’ll have access to recordings of all past sessions to see exactly how the Demartini Method process unfolds (and how you can apply it for – dare I say it – maximum growth.) Jump on 10 minutes prior to your first Mindset session so you and I can touch base briefly. I’ll keep an eye on you during the session and give you some new-to-the-process pointers. Strap yourself in – you’re about to see the world in technicolour.

Firstly, hey 🙂 Welcome, fellow facilitator. Thanks for checking out Maximum Growth. So, a few reasons:  

  1. I have over 10,000+ coaching hours under my facilitation belt. Get your hands on that kind of experience and you’ll skip years of frustrating stumbles that I had to hurdle as I mastered the Method. 
  2. Plus I was the Global Facilitator Manager – meaning at every Breakthrough Experience, I dealt with all the escalations: the extra tough nuts to crack (or I showed facilitators how to do it themselves). I trained the Facilitators worldwide also, so I love sharing that hard-won wisdom and knowledge with you.
  3. Most facilitators who arrive here tell me they struggle to apply the work on their own. They overintellectualise, or don’t seem to get a ‘complete collapse’ or get stuck finding benefits/drawbacks. And that’s before we even get to column 6&13. I help you sail through all that. Like training wheels on a bike – do it enough with the guidance until you can take ‘em off.
  4. Building a 6 figure facilitation/coaching business is tough. Most people who do the training program with Dr Demartini never get anywhere close to that. I’ve consistently earned 6 figures – and am on the way to earning 7 figures – from 1-on-1 and small group sessions for the last 10 years (before founding Maximum Growth). I can show you exactly how I did it, so you can too.
  5. I’m one of the few coaches in the world who guarantees results. Even from a 50 minute session. That’s because I discovered how to have unshakeable certainty and session pacing no matter who or what is in front of me. I can teach that. You can learn it. (Even borrow my certainty, if you need it.)
  6. Oh, lastly – this one’s a bit cheeky. I notice tonnes of new Demartini Method facilitators get qualified but don’t follow through with applying the work regularly. Even if you just come to the weekly Demartini Method sessions, you’re scheduling time to do work, clear baggage and expand your influence/awareness. Which usually means more clients, income, notoriety etc. Plus access to me to ask questions if you get stuck. My zone of genius becomes yours. (P.S I don’t teach nor train you on the Demartini Method, I do group coaching. You can check our Dr Demartini’s courses for training.)

That’s great! You’ll find tonnes of resources and encouragement inside the community to get you there. Our members all remember what it was like. We all start from humble beginnings. Even if we transitioned from successful careers as an employee. Most have started and ‘failed’ in multiple businesses before getting to where we are today. Leverage members’ lessons and my guidance to pick the perfect path for yourself. Most importantly, all of us WANT to see you grow into everything you’d love to be. We’ve got your back. All you gotta do is show up.

Yes, with a caveat: you do it on the live group calls. Just raise your hand to be the demonstration when Tanya asks for volunteers to work with her. Note that it’s not a full hour of private coaching – it’s guidance to get you unstuck and moving so you can continue dissolving. Teaching you to fish, so to speak. You can also get 1-on-1 responses (though detail is limited to the scope of, say, an email)  through the private chat function in the members portal. There are too many members to give everyone a full on breakthrough session, so the kind of 1-on-1 guidance you get is designed to get you unstuck.

Ok, truth bomb time: has what you’ve done up until now gotten you what you want? If you’re like, “I thought I’d be further ahead by now” then it’s time. Today is the day. Right now. Go enrol. As for more specific reasons… this is the only program of its kind in the world –  the hours of live coaching, the experience, the volume and depth of resources, the genius-level community, the personalised responses to questions, the accountability you can rely on, the appreciation of ALL of you (we love your light AND your dark sides), the long-term scaling of guidance from solopreneur to CEO… plus so much more. The sooner you start, the sooner you can use all that to explode your growth. Like I said, go enrol. 

We LOVE member suggestions. So yes, as a member you’ll get to request content development (just check what you’re looking for isn’t already covered before you request – the members portal is Library of Alexandria-esque). And we’ve always got something fresh in the works. Maybe it’ll be your idea in production next month?

My Personal Promise To You

Every coach has a signature style. Mine is direct, results-orientated, and guaranteed too.

I commit to ‘holding your feet to the fire’ every week to get the growth in whatever area you desire.

No flaking, no rescheduling.

All you have to do is show up.

Tanya Cross Leadership Coach

Privacy Policy

We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall there fore only use your name and other information,

We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall there fore only use your name and other information,

We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall therefore only use your name and other information,


Get The Ultimate Mindset Guide To Smashing Your Growth Ceilings

Can’t seem to grow your impact or income past a certain point? Learn how with 3 easy-to-do, business-growing, money flowing, and life-affirming steps. (Buckle your seatbelt, you’re about to be whipped into a storm of inspired action.)

PS. We promise to only send you awesome stuff.

Privacy Policy