Your Growth Ceiling is… 1%er

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Your growth ceiling is The 1%ers which means you bring some serious vision to your business and your life. 

You’re all over your finances and on the path to being financially independent (if you are not there already) while making an impact in your field. Great work leader.

You’ve done the hard yards and built a solid foundation for your career. You have done the blood, sweat and tears so your life matches your goals. So what could hold you up from here?

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Success can be blinding. When you feel like you are making or have made it, you can hit your goal and plateau, go backwards or you stop striving and serving altogether (you might have been there before and know the feeling).

Don’t die with more music still inside you. A little wisdom from Abraham Lincoln, “I’m not bound to win, I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, I am bound to live up to the light within me.” And there is something bigger inside you and you feel it.

How do you want to serve humanity even more? What impact do you want to have? What do you see for your business over the next year, five years, ten years, the next generation, or century? Curious on how to unlock your next level of leadership, read on.

3 Quick Tips
For Transforming Your Work Environment


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Firstly, continued growth is your endgame! The moment you are successful and at the top, expect yourself to be on the way down (“thanks Isaac Newton for that little bit of wisdom).

When you find yourself getting close to reaching your goals, when you’re at the top of your field, this time is perfect to do a mindset rest and notice room for growth.

Man using laptop
Woman with laptop

It can be growth in your personal or professional life.

Focus on progress and possibilities. Where could you be saving and investing more? Where could you be making a bigger impact in your business? Which area of life is not doing so great at the sacrifice of business (like your relationship or health).


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You might have heard of “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” or “clog to clog in three generations” or “rice paddy to rice paddy in three generations.”

All the same metaphor in different cultures for the same thing, families that begin poor, who in the first generation create wealth, and then the second maintain it and by the third generation, they have squandered their fortune.

Don’t follow the same path. Revisit some of your goals and set some bigger ones and start working towards them. And see a bigger level of transformation within you.

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Heck, why not consider a 200-year plan for your money and the impact it make on humanity (that’s exactly what one of our MG Members did!). That’s 6 generations time from now! (oh my head has been stretched for sure).

Build a legacy now that lasts for two centuries and beyond, that contributes to humanity gives you the goal that will take a lifetime to reach.

Now that’s leaving an impact on humanity/


You would have noticed by now your business is a direct reflection of you. The more you grow, the more your team and those you lead grow. You show them how to continue to level up, month in, month out, year in, year out. And some of your inspiration for growth will rub off on them.

Imagine embracing and living this philosophy, “your external results are a reflection of your internal thoughts” when it comes to your income, influence and impact. What a difference it could make to your leadership, your life and the legacy.

Get your butt on the growth train and watch out world. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

Before We Go Any Further – Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi there, I’m Tanya Cross, founder at Maximum Growth. If you’re a leader of a start-up OR solopreneur, an established biz or establishing a biz, I’m willing to bet I can teach you a thing or two about increasing your impact – seriously, click here to check out our catalogue of our online memberships…

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What could you achieve? What would you no longer have to do?

Some examples:

  • YES to clients who go bonkers to book you
  • YES to a bank balance that makes you smile like a toddler with a triple scoop gelato
  • YES to sharing your message with people with confidence who love you and your wisdom
  • YES to handling stress so well you look 10 years younger
  • YES to booting burn-out forever, no more hustling,
    more inspiration

Heads up: You don’t need to imagine. That leverage exists. You can even get your hands on it and head in right now, if you want.


  • Bust through baggage you’ve carried for decades
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  • Reach captain of industry status
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  • Reconnect you with your inspiration when it wavers
  • Attract national speaking, publishing and publicity gigs
  • And tonnes of other ‘bonus’ side effects like deeper partner intimacy, connected communication, peak performance, public respect, stellar reputation, expanded health, greater vitality, unshakeable self-worth…

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Tanya helped me to see my vision from a new perspective where I can acknowledge where I’m already living it and it doesn’t feel distant.
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We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall there fore only use your name and other information,

We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall therefore only use your name and other information,


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