We grow 3 things here:
Your Income, Influence and Impact

(to help you live up to the light that’s within you)

Tanya Cross

Here at Maximum Growth you learn to apply quality questions to your personal and professional life to level up and smash through your growth ceiling to increase your income, influence and income (while having a life too!).

Here is what I believe;

  • Small steps repeated regularly take you further than big steps taken occasionally.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Not pretending things are ok, if they really aren’t (because then you can make a change).
  • Progress, not perfection (unless it’s the universal kind).
  • The transformative power within you while having a community that you belong to (because we are not just a company, we are a community).
  • And most of all, I believe. . . in you.

How We Got To Where We Are Today

Explore Our Milestones And See How It All Began

The Beginning

MAY 2007 – FEBRUARY 2011

Tanya felt deep inside she wanted to make an impact on this planet but being quiet (and slightly awkward socially) she questioned how this could be possible.

Early Success

MAY 2011

May 2011 Image

After attending Dr John Demartini’s Privileged Life and Leadership Program on The World, Tanya realised that she had found what she loved to do with her career and life and was ready to share it with the world. Within the first 12 months of business, Tanya became a lead facilitator at the Breakthrough Experience with Dr John Demartini and landed a speaking opportunity alongside Dr John Gray in an online relationships program.


Tanya travelled to Charlottetown in Canada to complete her placement for her Bachelor of Applied Social Science majoring in crisis counselling with Ken Peirce, a Psychologist and  Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator.

January 2012 Image

Bigger Ideas


February 2013 Image

Tanya landed the opportunity to present Breakthrough Integration Day, a follow up program to The Breakthrough Experience with Dr Demartini in Australia. She presented fortnightly webinars on a variety of topics from leadership, increasing wealth, discovering your purpose, how to have a deeper relationship and more connected family life to determining your values, and much more, sharing ideas with the world. 

Bigger Income


After lots of grinding on the pavement and reinvesting in her own personal development and education, Tanya’s net profit easily surpassed six figures.


Tanya became the first Master Certified Demartini Facilitator in Australia and 8th in the world. She began managing the Facilitators Australia and leading the team of Facilitators at the Breakthrough Experience throughout Australia only after 4.5 years in the work.

September 2014 Image

Bigger Inspiration


October 2015 Image

After a rough divorce, ill health, and other personal challenges, Tanya felt as a leader in the personal development arena, very alone in her difficulties and fell into a deep dark spiral. She had lost a sense of herself in the personal development world.

This led her to walk the Camino de Compostela, 1000km in Spain for 35 days. This was a turning point that changed the course of her life.

Walking helped gain more clairy of her mission, and more certainty in her direction by realising the importance of showing up real (and sometimes raw) in the personal development arena. And that no matter where you are in your world, you can’t escape yourself, nor your purpose. For Tanya, that is counselling and coaching people in leading themselves and their business.

Sharing The Inspiration


Tanya continued to travel Australia presenting her signature program Awaken The Leader Within. She has a soft spot to help youth, and presented a session for youth affected by suicide as well as speaking at Empower You, a youth program with Brent Williams.

January-July 2016 Image

Even Bigger Inspiration


February 2017 Image

You never land an opportunity you are not ready for. Tanya was invited by Dr Demartini to present the Demartini Method at Breakthrough Experience in Australia throughout 2017.

Bigger Impact


In 2019, Tanya became the first Global Facilitator Manager with the Demartini Institute and taught the Facilitators the Demartini Method. Throughout the year, she co-created iFacilitate, a hub for facilitators to understand how to become certified and join the team of facilitators at an upcoming Breakthrough Experience.

That year, Tanya took on one of the most important roles of her life, being a mum to a precious little one. She wanted to be able to be a mum and continue her career so she continued to travel and work, with her daughter alongside her (‘aloha world’).

January 2019 Image

Our Founding

MARCH 2020

Maximum Growth was founded by Tanya Cross in 2020. It was created from two of Tanya’s greatest challenges and one major world challenge. 

The first was being alone as a leader in the darkest time and feeling like there wasn’t someone there to ask for help and the second, how to scale her business and continue doing what she loves while having space and time to raise her daughter. The global pandemic and no one has to explain that dynamic (you get it).

Tanya is one of a very few people who have completed, on average, one line of the Demartini Method for 12 years and continues to apply the work.

Tanya’s life has demonstrated a desire to continue to level up in her leadership while having a genuine drive to help people. She is inspired to lead the leaders of companies and communities to create their own inspiring impact on humanity.

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