Can I share something meaningful with you?

My heart felt like someone had ripped it out of my chest. I’ve got a spring in my step today. We have another Maximum Growth Transformation Day. This day is so inspiring. Why? Let me share with you. I was standing in my lounge room when the phone rang. It is Friday, 8:50am, on the 6th […]

Master These 3 Skills To Grow Your Business

Imagine running your own business like playing the piano. You have to master many different keys at the same time.  However, you can’t hit all the keys at once, it would sound horrendous. But if you want to master your business, these three skills will help you play a beautiful tune. Challenge Yourself To Take […]

How focusing on your YOUniverse can change your life

The universe is your mind. It’s your YOUniverse. Thales believed that “the universe is alive and full of spirits.” That makes me a little goosebumpy. Aristotle said “some say a soul is mingled in the whole universe”, which is perhaps why Thales thought that everything is full of spirits. Everything is energy. When you go […]

Tanya’s journey to create the Walkshop

One day, I was sitting at my desk contemplating a new program I wanted to run. Looking out of my window, I was allowing space and time in my mind to ponder. It is sometimes tricky when you have a lot of responsibilities, people asking things from you to have thinking space. This moment was […]

Struggling to know who to work with

Let’s talk business. I had a client this week focused on what their niche was in business and struggled to make a decision. So let’s deep dive down the rabbit hole of specialising. Specialising makes you unique and essentially stand out like a familiar face among a crowd of strangers in the marketplace. There are […]

You want to stop doing this today…(take a peek…)

Yes you, stop being a people pleaser. We all have had moments in our lives when we want to be liked by others. It makes us feel all the good feelings (thanks brain), plus we feel connected to people and can create a sense of importance. But is it really worth it? I think the […]

What are your emotions revealing to you?

Sometimes emotions can get the better of you, engulf your being until you feel you are spiralling out of control.   It snowballs, one experience triggers a cascade of sensations that can feel, let’s face it, mighty uncomfortable.   What is important to remember is that emotions are a kind of arousal that emerges from […]

Three actions for success

Would you like to know the secret sauce to success? Oh you want me to whisper it into your ear {first_name}! If we could create a secret formula of success, bottle it, add a fancy label, we would probably get rich off it. If only it were that simple. But the truth is, you ain’t […]

A little gift to fire up your finances

It was the end of the financial year this week. It’s an opportunity for you to do a review of your income and expenses, see where you’re at with your net worth and how you’re tracking your financial goals. #Financialfreedomplease Ok, I know you’ll either be doing a boggie on your chair with me to […]

For you, my overthinker

You’d be surprised how many people associate crying with weakness. And they think that if they completely dissolve a dynamic to where the only words left in their heart are, “Thank you, I love you” then they’ll cry and they’ll be perceived as weak. (Usually that’s a belief learned early on in childhood – between […]