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Maximum growth and guidance to equilibrate your emotions, solve problems at speed & master your mind.


Be A Part Of TheTransformation


Join Master Certified Demartini Facilitator, Leadership Specialist & Counsellor Tanya Cross in 5 uninterrupted hours of applying AND working on the Demartini Method.


AND getting the full heart open, give me oodles of goosebumps and tears closing


During your day do you?

  • react to the outer world instead of acting upon the world?
  • minimise yourself to accommodate others?
  • want a deeper and more meaningful relationships with yourself?
  • feel you have something bigger inside you that needs to be awakened to contribute to humanity?

Be A Part Of TheTransformation

Each Maximum Growth Transformation Day experience brings a new set of realisations, perspectives and opportunities. By applying the Demartini Method® in a group setting and having profound insights and realisations, you become part of the eco-system of inspired greatness.  



Who will benefit from this one-day intense session? 


  • Have completed the Demartini Method® in the past


  • If you are triggered by an individual or event and would love the space to bring your perception into balance


  • Have placed a person high on a pedestal to the point where you have minimised yourself or your actions


  • Want the heart open completion, the kind that allows tears and goosebumps and the feeling of universal connectedness


  • Want to move into a space where your reality is transformed and your greater purpose is revealed to you in inspirational ways 


Clarity of the mind opens the heart to new perspectives and opportunities. 


Would you like to join us?

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Sunday 5th of March 2023







7:00pm -12am


Extra Bonus

Be a part of the completion process.


See the divine perfection and the hidden matrix at work



There are no mistakes if you end up in the class. There will be a spooky entanglement of people’s challenges and their insights with yours. The messages you’ll receive will leave you speechless and maybe some rolling goosebumps (AKA a moment of truth). 

This day is life changing.

Welcome To Maximum Growth Transformation Day

Give yourself the gift of certainty, presence, grace, poise and love. 

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One transformative day
$ 375
Once off payment
  • You complete some columns of the Demartini Method® in one day
  • I facilitate by asking pertinent questions to help you dive deep into your own mind and heart to find the answer.
  • At the end of every session, you have the ability to choose a surrogate for eye-opening realisations and dissolve the distractions that hold you back from manifesting perfect, powerful opportunities
  • You experience the full equilibration and emotions during the completion stage where connections are meaningful and profound
  • Dedicated space and time to do the work
  • You achieve all this in the comfort of your own home
  • Lifetime affair with recordings at your fingertips




From someone who has invested thousands of dollars in self-empowerment, I highly recommend working with Tanya Cross. Her dedication to the work is both profound and inspiring. I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to work with her. I was finally, after a decade of doing the work, able to complete the Demartini Method on my own in her class. 

-Nina Boyle

Horse Photographer,
Maximum Growth
Transformation Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Logistically? You’ll join your fellow members and Tanya on Zoom. Camera or not, that’s up to you, though it’s easier to engage and connect with your peers if they can see your face. No need to get all dolled up. We love you in your PJ’s or with bed hair just as much as dressed to the nines.

All sessions start on time.  Content is shared with instructions of what to do. There is a demonstration (and you can put your hand up).

There is also an afterchat after most classes so keep an additional 15 minutes free post class to soak up the wisdom. 

Just jump on a little platform you may have heard of called Zoom. We’ll send you two email reminders with the links, passcodes and IDs 1 day and 60 minutes prior, so they’re right there when it’s time. And in case you’re worried about forgetting, you can add all sessions as a reminder to your personal calendar with the click of a button. (They even automatically display in your timezone. It’s very schmick.)

We understand life happens. If it is more than 3 days out from the event, we can move ou to the next available event date. If it is within 3 days, you’ll get access to the recording and you have lifetime access. So you can catch up in your own time. You can even reach out in the forum or private chat as you’re watching so you can clarify your understanding. We have to say, though, there’s a certain X factor to the live sessions. Gotta be there to experience it. 

That’s totally up to you! Video is encouraged (and having done your hair/makeup is 100% optional). If you want to do a demonstration with Tanya, then obviously yes you’ll need to unmute and share. But you can beaver away on your own and ask clarifying questions in the Zoom text chat if you get stuck. (Even privately to Tanya if you’d like to remain anonymous.)

Yes, with a caveat: you do it on the live group calls. Just raise your hand to be the demonstration when Tanya asks for volunteers to work with her. Note that it’s not a full hour of private coaching – it’s guidance to get you unstuck and moving so you can continue dissolving. Teaching you to fish, so to speak. You can also get 1-on-1 responses (though detail is limited to the scope of, say, an email)  through the private chat function in the members portal. There are too many members to give everyone a full on breakthrough session, so the kind of 1-on-1 guidance you get is designed to get you unstuck.


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Maximum growth and guidance to remove baggage and master my mind