Everything in the universe is connected by an energy field which we are creating in our mind.

The Field

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the interconnectedness that permeates the universe, bridging spirituality and science together.

McTaggart uncovers that the human mind and body are not separate but connected to a sea of light, sound and energy and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world at a quantum level. This connection is known as The Field.

Light in The Darkness
The overview effect is described in the first chapter. This was first experienced by Ed Mitchell, who was the 6th man to land on the moon and the first to experience a feeling of connectedness. He described it as if all the planets and all the people of all the time were attached by some invisible web. This was a majestic sight, seeing the earth as a floating spaceship surrounded by darkness, Ed wept at the sight.

Philosophers had talked about this connectedness. David Bohm’s vision of a world of ‘unbroken wholeness’ and implicate state.

Scientists at the time did not allow for this connectedness, except for in quantum world, in the very, very small world, in the world of the inanimate and non-living. Quantum physics had discovered a strange property in the subatomic world called ‘non-locality.’ This refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an individual electron influenced another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy. This suggested that when quantum particles have been in contact remain connected even when separated, so that the actions of one will always influence the other, no matter how far they are separated.

Albert Einstein coined this term ‘spooky action at a distance.’ Matter was no longer separate.

This connectedness brought in the idea of that the universe had a living consciousness. It suggested that the consciousness of the observer brought the observed object into being. Nothing in the universe existed as an actual ‘thing’ independently of our perception of it. Every minute, of every day, we are creating our world.

It leaves me to wonder is this the same that is happening to us with any person we have a connection with, that we were creating our world?

The Sea of Light
To understand this field first let’s look at it relative to people and start by asking the following question;
What are people made of? People are made of muscles, bones, and organs.
Then what are the organs made of? Organs are made of cells.
What are cells made of? Cells are made of organelles.
What are organelles made of? Organelles are made of proteins.
What are proteins made of? Proteins are made of amino acids.
What are amino acids made of? Amino acids are made of atoms.
What are atoms made of? Atoms are made of protons, neutron, and electrons.
What are electrons made of? Electrons are made from the electron field.

What is the electron field made of? …..

This is where we end eight levels down. This is the hard limit of our scientific understanding. To the best of our present ability to perceive and to reason, the universe is made from fields and nothing else and these fields are not made from any smaller components.

Within the field, there is an uncertainty principle developed by Werner Heisenberg who created quantum theory. This theory implies that no particle is ever at rest as it is constantly in motion due to a ground state field of energy constantly interacting with all subatomic matter. It means that the basic substructure of the universe cannot be eliminated and is always in motion.

Beings of Light
Fritz-Albert Popp was a philosopher as much as he was a scientist. He was fascinated with light. He tried to make sense of the world around him, to find solutions that he could apply to everything in life. He research was condemned by his colleagues for many years but he managed to stay driven and forge on through the setbacks. He was willing to embrace both pleasure and pain, not needing permission to live his mission.

In his time as a professor at university, Popp created a light machine, something to register the omission of light from cells. Plants for instant radiated 100 photons per square centimeter, whereas humans would emit 10 photons in the same area. When light was shone on living cells, the cell would take up the light and after a certain delay, shine intensely, a process called ‘delayed luminescence’. Popp believed this was a corrective device. The organism had to maintain a delicate equilibrium of light. In this instance, when it was being bombarded with too much light, it would reject the excess.

The human body is amazing. Every cell undergoes around 100,000 chemical reactions per second and simultaneously repeats itself around every cell in the body. At any given second, billions of chemical reactions are occurring. Imagine the timing of the body. If the timing was off, humans would blow themselves up. If everything is working together in a big orchestra, who is the conductor?

Seriously! Stop and think. Who is making your body work if we are creating everything in the world?

Popp studied the body and light rigorously. He had a woman sit in his lab every day for 9 months recording photon readings of a small area of her hand and forehead. What he discovered was light emissions followed a certain pattern at day 7, 14, 32, 80, and 270 days. They were identical even after a year. There was a natural biological rhythm of light in the body.

He wondered what kind of light would be present in an ill person. He tried his machine on a series of cancer patients. Every patient the client had lost their natural rhythm and coherence. The lines of internal communication were scrambled. They had lost their connect with the world. In effect, their light was going out.

Just the opposite occurred with Multiple Sclerosis. MS was a state of too much order. Individuals with this disease were taking in too much light and this was inhibiting of cells to do their job. Too much cooperative harmony prevented flexibility and individuality. MS patients were drowning in light.

Perfect cohesion is an optimum state just between chaos and order. The healthiest bodies would have the lowest amount of light.

Even food is the same. When tested, the healthiest food had the lowest and most coherent intensity of light. Any disturbance in the system would increase the production of photons. Health was a state of perfect subatomic communication, and ill health was a state where communication breaks down. We are ill when our waves are out of synch.

In one of the numerous cases, Popp came across a woman with breast and vaginal cancer. Popp tried mistletoe and other plant extracts on samples of her cancer. Each plant omitted different amount of light. He found one particular mistletoe remedy created a coherence in the tissue similar to that of the body. Within a year of treatment of mistletoe, all her laboratory tests were back to normal. A woman with terminal cancer had her proper light restored, just by taking a herb.

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The Language of The Cell
Scientists in the 1980’s were discovering that through biophoton vibrations Popp had discovered in the body caused molecules to vibrate and create its own signature sound. A French Scientist had paused to listen to the tiny oscillations.

How beautiful is it to know that every molecule in your body is creating a sound then that is resonating with the universe? We are constantly broadcasting vibes.

In 1984, studies were being done on reactions of white blood cells to allergens. A lab assist reported to Jacquine Beveniste, A French scientist that there had been a reaction to the white blood count even though there had been too few allergens in the solution. On later investigation, it was discovered that the concentration of allergen in the water was diluted down to nothing and the reminisce of the allergen was still present, it seems that the water had a memory of the allergen even though it was no longer present.

How? In allergen tests, they are testing for anti IgE. Anti IgE was at its highest potency in 1 part to 1000. It started to decrease with each successful dilution. The experiment took a U-turn on the 9th dilution. There was an increase of anti IgE! It continued to increase the more it was diluted. Homeopathy has always claimed the weaker the solution, the more powerful the effect.

Specific information must be transmitting in dilution process. Water has a memory. If water has a memory and can imprint on other water molecules then this would have an impact on how our cells ‘talk’ to each other in our own bodies considering how much of our bodies are made up of water.

Later studies determined that water molecules did not only send signals but amplified it as well. There is a resonating world that is amplified by water within every cell in our body. Water is the universal solvent but it seems that it is the universal communicator too.

The Resonating World
In one of the paragraphs in this chapter left a mark on me. It described a Karl Pribram, a young neurosurgeon. He pondered for 20 years the mysteries surrounding the organization of the brain, perceptions and consciousness. He set up experiments and studied this consistently.

That’s profound. What do you ponder? What leaves you searching for answers, to solve mysteries so much that it
becomes your magnificent obsession? Perfect for this chapter to stop and think what is your resonation in this world?

The Creative Observer
Our universe was once believed to be a series of random event. The deeper science studies consciousness, the more is realized how ordered everything is on every scale. There is another halt to randomness when an observer is present. Studies show that an observer can settle an electron into a set state.

If an observer can influence at such a tiny state, then it leaves us to question, how much can an observer effect reality? How much can the mind influence matter?

It seems a lot.

Schmidt studied the role of the observer. In his research, a machine was created that either flipped heads or tails by a light rotating clockwise or anti clockwise. There are two variables, will it end up with heads or tails and will it rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. In a 12-year period of nearly 2.5 million trials, 52% of all trials and two thirds of the 91 operators had overall success in influencing the machine in the way they had intended it. 52% of people could influence a computer.

If that is not enough to prove its possible and probable that you are influencing your reality, scientist discovered it wasn’t only humans that could influence their world. A new born chick was given a robot as a mother. The robot mother was placed outside the cage of the chick and was programed to randomly walk around. Over time the path was tracked and the robot mother was found to go more times that statistically possible towards the chick. The desire of the ‘mother’s’ closeness was influencing the direction of the robot.

A similar study was done on baby rabbits where a bright light was placed in a moveable REG machine that the rabbits found repulsive. When the data was analysed it showed the rabbit were successful at willing the machine to stay away from them.

What about the people you know who despise or dislike computers. They seem to be the ones with the computer problems. They create challenges to validate their belief on computers and creating their reality.

Couples were tested to see if they produced a positive influence on the heads and tails machine. Couples who did not know each other had the worst outcome than what they achieved individually. ‘Bonded’ couples, those in an intimate relationship had the most profound effect and were 6 times as strong as that of a single operator. The power of a bonded two have a huge influence on their environment.

Studies showed that men were more likely to influence the results from single minded focus. Women were more likely to influence the results by setting the intention and focusing on something else. Perhaps this is an evolutionary effect. That leaves me to wonder what profound influence can you as a couple have on your reality? Or what about a group of people who are bonding together over a common goal?

This is showing that the unconscious mind has a way to communicate with the sub tangible physical world – the quantum world of possibility. This marriage of unformed mind and matter would then assemble itself into something tangible in the manifested world. Reality is then created by each of us only by our attention. We are creating the world.

Here is the spooky and interesting information to mull over. Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunne began playing around with time on their own REG trials. In 87,000 of their experiments, they asked their volunteers to address their attention to the machines operations anywhere from three days to two weeks after the machine had been allowed to run. Once they looked at the data, what they found was incredible. In every regard, this data was identical to the more conventional data they’d generated when their experiments were attempting to influence at the time the machine was being run. There was just one important difference. In the ‘time-displayed’ experiments the volunteers were getting bigger effects than in the standard experiments every time they’d will the machine to produce heads.

What this means is humans have the ability to influence moments other than the present. William Braud had an interesting thought. Time-displaced human intention somehow acts on the probabilities of some occurrences to bring about an outcome, and works best in what Braud liked to call “seed moments” the first chain of events. If you applied this to physical and mental health, it could mean that we could use The Field to directly influences ‘back in time’ to alter pivotal moments or initial conditions which later bloom into full blown problems or disease. In other words, the moment you go back and dissolve an emotional charge in the past, it changes your future.

We are starting to see that every moment influences every other moment, forward and backwards in time.

Tapping into The Field
Braud’s studies suggested that human intention could be used as an extraordinarily potent healing force. Allowing The Field to realign another person’s structure. Elizabeth Targ was a Psychiatrist and had an interesting natural therapist and their influence on healing. She questioned if there was an effect on illness from remote healers.

In one study, they used highly regarded healers in their specialty who had one element in common; success in treating hopeless cases. They used 20 advanced AID’s patents who were terminal continued to use orthodox treatment, only one of the two groups would receive remote healing.

The group was split in two, 10 orthodox treatment and 10 orthodox & healers for treatment. Each healer was given each patients name, photograph and health details. Each participant had a total of 10 healers over the length of the study. They would never meet or have any contact with the patient. The healer kept a log of the healing session, their impressions of their health.

These patients were certain to die. But what she found blew her mind. These patients with end stage AID’s were getting better. During the six months of the trial period. 40 per cent of the control population died. But all 10 of the patients in the healing group were not only still alive but had become healthier based on their own reports and their medical evaluations. There was an inescapable conclusion; the treatment was working.

Later, more refined studies came to the same conclusions. No matter which type of healing they used, no matter their view of a higher being, the healer dramatically contributed to the physical and psychological wellbeing of their patients.

In the Copper Wall Project by another researcher, created a room purely made of copper that would block out electricity from any other sources. They did notice that during healing times, when the patient was in the room the experienced more than normal electrical surges while the person remained completely still. More studies done on Chinese Qigong masters have provided evidence of the presence of photon emission and electromagnetic fields during healing sessions. These surges of energy may be physical evidence of a healer’s greater coherence and his ability to marshal his own quantum energy and transfer it to the less organised recipient. So create order in the chaos.

It didn’t seem to matter the type of healing that was used, that appeared irrelevant. This might mean that the intention of the healer could be as important as his or her medicine. The frantic doctor who wishes his patient cancels so he could have his lunch, or the doctor that stayed up late three nights in a row or drank too much the night before may have a deleterious effect. It might mean that the most important treatment any doctor can give is to hope for health and wellbeing in his patient

Bringing us back to the beginning and understanding that we are connected.

Several studies of heart patients have shown that isolation – from oneself, one’s community and one’s spirituality – rather than physical conditions, such as high cholesterol count, is one of the greatest contributors to disease. In studies of longevity, those people who live longest are often not only those who believe in a higher spiritual being but also those who have the strongest sense of belonging to a community.

The Zero Point Age
Scientists are discovering a unified intelligence that was far greater and more exquisite than Darwin or Newton had imagined, a process that was not random and chaotic, but intelligent and purposeful. They discovered that in the dynamic flow of life, order triumphed.

There no longer be two truths, the truth of science and the truth of religion. There could be one unified vision of the world. We have far more power than we realize, to heal ourselves, our loved ones, and even our communities. Our life in every sense is in our hands. If all information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment, then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it could be.

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We take our customer’s privacy seriously and we will only collect, record, hold, store, disclose, transfer and use your personal information as outlined below. Data protection is a matter of trust and your privacy is important to us. We shall therefore only use your name and other information,


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